With WorldBitSports, fans and supporters have the opportunity to acquire digital equity shares from lucrative sports projects.

For that, we created the WorldBitSportsPlaza, where users will be provided with a hand-picked selection of sports projects that are supervised by renowned industry experts. Sports fans can freely trade their digital equity shares on the WorldBitSports PLAZA.

About WBS

WorldBitSports summarized

WorldBitSports bridges the gap between the world of commercial sports and digital financial assets. We bring innovators, corporations and industry experts together and offer digital equity shares of hand-picked sports projects that can be directly purchased and traded on our platform. These equity assets are based on blockchain technology and distributed in the form of WorldBitSports (WBS) tokens, our own cryptocurrency.

The smart sports investment

Digital WBS tokens which are pegged to equity shares can be purchased, traded and managed on our Plaza. Then, users have the choice to invest the WBS tokens in a selection of lucrative sports projects on the WorldBitSportsPlaza, with profit sharing as part of the incentive. Whether private individual or major investor – WorldBitSports is geared to everyone who wants to profit from the global sports industry.

WBS Dashboard

Manage your assets with the WorldBitSports dashboard.

The custom-built WBS dashboard allows users to buy and trade their WorldBitSports equity shares. The clearly arranged interface gives users full control over their digital assets and makes it easy to manage and overview your investments.

The WorldBitSports PLAZA

The WorldBitSports Plaza stands at the core of this project, offering users the opportunity to utillize their WBS tokens as a form of investment in different sports projects. The aim is not only to support innovative projects, but also to purchase equity shares with a claim to profit distribution. The Plaza gives users the opportunity to invest their WBS tokens and buy equity shares from various projects, thus benefiting from the shares profit.

The most popular sports in the world

WorldBitSports focuses on the sports industry as a whole, where the opportunities are large. The statistics below show how the profits of the global sports industry are divided between the different types of sports – with 4 billion fans worldwide, the soccer industry makes up for 43% of the global profits in the whole industry.

There is no other sport in the world that thrills the masses as much as soccer. With an estimated fan base of 4,000,000,000 people, it is the biggest sport in the industry.

The popular sport has a fan base of more than 4 billion people and accounts for 43% of the total turnover of the global sports industry. For this reason, the pilot projects are focusing on the most lucrative sector of the sports industry which is soccer.

WorldBitSports Pilot Projects

E-Sport – niche market with enormous growth

The e-sports industry has experienced immense growth in recent years – in 2017 alone, the worldwide turnover of this sub-sector was estimated around USD 655 million. E-sports tournaments are streamed worldwide and have an outstanding reach. Our team of experts is able to recruit well-known players and teams at short notice to help build up their own e-sports league due to their extensive connections in the scene. A cooperation with a well-known production company is already in place. At the same time, there are plans to set up our own E-Sport Arena in Cologne, Germany where we already have a cooperation partner in place.

Community voting

Everyone has a voice

The community is one of the most important elements of the WorldBitSports project. It provides a large part of the capital and also decides on the implementation of the projects. Everyone in the WorldBitSports community has a voice, playing a decisive role in deciding which new projects should be offered on the WorldBitSports Plaza.

The advantages of WorldBitSports

First sports STO worldwide

WorldBitSports is the first security token offering in the sports industry. From token issuance to profit distribution, all steps are regulated in detail.

Direct profit sharing

Investors participate directly in the profits of the projects. The more successful the projects, the higher the return of investment.

Competitive advantages

With its innovating concept and own cryptocurrency, WorldBitSports bridges the gap between the professional sports- and blockchain industry.


  • Q4 2018


    Proof of concept

    Successful implementation of the proof of concept.

  • Q2 2019

    Founding of WorldBitSports B.V.

    Founding of WorldBitSports B.V. in the Netherlands.


    Q2 2019

  • Q2 2019


    Start of software development

    Implementation of the software solution for the administration and issuance of the WorldBitSports.

  • Q3 2019

    Meeting the legal framework conditions

    Compliance with all official requirements for the start of the STO of WorldBitSports.


    Q3 2019

  • Q3 2019


    Implementation of first blockchain functions

    Implementation of first blockchain functions and further development of the DApp of WorldBitSports.

  • Q3 2019

    Start Development

    Development start of the WBS PLAZA including implementation of first pilot projects.


    Q3 2019

  • Q3 / Q4 2019


    Beta version of DApp

    Beta version of DApp will be tested and continuously improved.

  • Q4 2019

    Security Token Sale

    Launch of the world’s first security token sales for the sports industry.


    Q4 2019

  • Q2 2020


    Acquisition of further pilot projects

  • Q1 2021

    Evaluation of new pilot projects Analysis


    Q1 2021

  • Q2 2022


    Extension of the WBS Plaza

    Integration of new core functions of the WBS Plaza.

  • Q4 2022

    ReDesign of the WBS Plaza

    Customization of the UI design of the WBS Plaza.


    Q4 2022

  • Q2 2023


    Start of the marketing campaign

    Market entry into the mass market.

  • 2023

    Global expansion

    Worldwide expansion in cooperation with international contract.



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